Welcome to the home of FOE.

FOE started out as a hardcore/punk/metal/alternative (etc...) fanzine in 1984.

FOE later evolved to include the release of 7"s, CDs and an LP as a record label.

FOE has been on the radio (WLVR, WMUH, WBCR) for most years since 1982.

FOE originally started as Freedom of Expression, but now also stands for Freedom of Evolution.

FOE is now this website.

Please check out my current blog FRANK FOE's BLOG where I review music and concerts and provide the same type of writing I used to provide in the form of FOE zine. You will also find UTNG, Up To No Good Radio at that link. No longer on college radio, Reds, Generic and FOE are podcasting it up.



Interviews From FOE fanzine

Interviews from the pages of FOE. Sepultura, SOIA, Dr. Know, 7 Seconds, Sheer Terror, Youth of Today, Government Issue, Toxic Reasons, Motorhead, DRI, Fugazi, Bouncing Souls, Parasites, Devil Dogs, Helmet, New Bomb Turks, Weston, Plow, Limecell, Neurosis, Spazz, Partisans, Digger, Refused, Lifetime, Sinkhole, Submachine, Blanks 77, Bad Religion, Tad, Laughing Hyenas, Motorhead, Sloppy Seconds, Gwar, Didjits etc...


FOE Discography & MP3s 

Complete Discography of FOE records, free for download or listening. Includes almost every song in MP3 format, from "Get the Hell Out" to "This is the Lehigh Valley..." Weston, Mr. Yuk, The Ick, Greiving Eucalyptus, Strychnine and the Rat Traps, Plow United, Driver Eleven, Nooner, Soup Sandwich, Anonymous, Follow Fashion Monkeys, Plow United as Texas Criffer, Walter Krug etc...

LVA Discography & MP3s 

Complete Discography of the Lehigh Valley Archives, a CDR label. Includes almost every song in the MP3 format Including: Ultimate Warriors, Jessica, Mr. Yuk, Wilsons Wackos, Weston, Youthquake, Russian Meatsquats, Objects of Hate, Crack Babies, Clap, Rancor, Tonight We Escape, Nooner, Mugface, Strychnine and the Rat Traps, Spunk Tank, Fat Head, Turnbul AC, FC, Robosphere, Plow, Walter Krug, No Win Situation, Sledgehammer etc...

Other Lehigh Valley band's mP3s MP3s of Lehigh Valley music that wasn't on FOE or LVA including: Youth Crisis, Lo-Fi's and Russian Meatsquats.

Historical Archive of Gig Flyers

An amazing collection of flyer artwork from shows that happened in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

Historical Archive of Photos

A collection of photos from the Lehigh Valley's (and surrounding area's) past.

A collection of quotes that help me get through this thing called life.


All of the cover artwork from the issues of FOE fanzine.