FOE 007 Follow Fashion Monkeys 7"

The four tracks from this 7" were released from the recordings thatwere supposed to be the second album from FFM.
The second lp was neverreleased in its entirety.

FFM were one of the first Lehigh Valley hardcore/punk bands to venture outside of the LV with their music.

FFM were one of the first to release an lp, with the Russian Meatsquats and American Dream being the others. They self released their first lpon Clymer records in 1985.

The songs on this 7" were recorded in 1987 at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington VA, by Don Zientara and were produced by Ian Mackaye.

Jack Price did the cover artwork.

FFM broke up in 1987 and two of the other tracks from this session were released on compilations ("Menagerie Pt. 2" on the "What Have You Brought Me This Time?" 7" and "Money For Something"  on the "Get The HellOut" compilation").

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