Existed in the Mid 1980s, playing their first show in the Lehigh Valley PA in 1986, opening for the Descendents.

The lineup was Donna (vocals), Dave (bass), Roy (guitar), Dan (guitar) Steph (drums).

LVA 027 was crafted from from various versions of a demo that was recorded by Dan. It was estimated that these recordings were completed in either 1985 or 1986. The sound quality varies as these sources appear to be different mixes, one was definitely "hotter" than the other, but both cassettes included some character flaws requiring a mixture of both sources. In compiling the LVA title. An all instrumental mix was even discovered, but not used.

Track Listing for LVA 027:

  1. TV Evangelist
  2. Catholic School
  3. Instrumental
  4. Last Cry
  5. Make Me Shine
  6. Life or Fate
  7. Take Off Your Clothes
  8. Monster In My Head
  9. So Much More

Last Cry's vocalist, Donna, is believed to be the first female to be involved in a Lehigh Valley based punk band.

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